8 Critical Factors To Consider When Choosing An Office For Rent

Having an office premises is a great investment for any business. One of the crucial points you have to look at when you are considering an office is its location.

Today, the demand for office space is at an all-time high. It has become increasingly challenging to find great spaces for conducting business. For businesses that cannot buy office space, renting is a viable option. It is easier, cheaper and more convenient to rent a premises than buy one.

In order to make renting work for you, it is important that you pay attention to several critical factors.

The Office Location

As was mentioned, location plays a crucial part in the success of a business. When you are considering the location of a business, you should look at the accessibility of the business. The business should be accessible to all. A centralize position will suffice to this end. It should be located in a place where commuters can easily get to it. Hence, always think convenience and ease.

The Cost of Rent

This is contingent on the office space provider, space and the location. In the search for an office space for rent, it is easy for the costs to spiral out of control. That is why it is important that you have a budget to work with. It will keep you grounded and focused.

While you are considering the cost of rent, you have to ask about the amenities and whether or not they are included in the rent payment.

Always be clear on the rent from the outset so that you can avoid problems down the road with your landlord.

Amount of Space Needed

While you are considering an office for rent, space is one of main paramount considerations as work must be done in a space with the right size. When you are considering venues for spaces of your office, the size does matter and you should go for spacious feel. A claustrophobic space makes everything feel so cluttered and disorganized. The cost component of the space will come in and if you are considering a huge space. It is important that you be prepared to pay the cost.

Facilities and Amenities Provided

When setting up an office, the premises that you are in should have the bare essentials in terms of facilities. Things like running water, working taps, electricity and other essential amenities must be put on the table before you append any signature to the lease agreement. Every good office must have these amenities so that it can function effectively.

While most people take these particular details for granted, don’t. Always be sure about the terms and conditions surrounding the use. As for the utilities, you need to be clear about the payment; does it have to be paid separately with the rent or is it inclusive as well.

The Lease Type

It is important that you have a close look at the various lease types. Never make the mistake that most people do when it comes to signing leases_ they never evaluate the terms and conditions of the lease.

Before you sign any lease agreement, you have to evaluate the options out there and how they relate to your business. There are some that give you some leeway in how you act and others that very stiff and out to compel you to burn through your money. Only when you are sated about the right options should you append your signature to the lease.

Find a Reliable Office Space Provider

There are a variety of options for office spaces. These options are very detailed in their benefits and promises and they should give you a great pool to choose from. If you are unsure about the services you should choose, a recommendation from a friend or relative will do the trick tremendously. However, you should be very meticulous in how you select the office service that you will stick with. It is important that you choose the best service out there_ the one that is receptive to your needs at the current moment.

Also, the space provider should be within budget as well.

Finally, the terms and condition of the office service provider should be read and understood clearly in order to avoid problems down the road.

The aforementioned factors will go a very long way in ensuring that you stay on course to finding a great office space for rent conveniently and quickly.

Managing Stress Levels While You Are In The Office

Stress. This can be described as high levels of pressure and of frustrations which are brought about by too much thought. Stress as we know it, is the leading cause of many of the lifestyle diseases that are affecting people in this day and age.

In relation to office work, stress can be in terms of unexpected changes, either getting demoted or transferred. Large workloads, dispute with colleges, or tension brought about by deadlines and performance assessments. Auditing also brings about a lot of stress in the working environment. Therefore, how do we deal with this stress while we are at work? This article will try to describe various methods that you can use when trying to reduce or to contain high stress levels while in the office.

Take deep breaths

This may sound cliché, but taking deep breaths often has a calming effect to a stressed person. If you find that you feel stressed while in the office, go outside or lock yourself in your space and take several slow paced deep breaths. As you repeatedly do this, you will find that some of the tension you were feeling is slowly calming down and you are in better control of your body and your thoughts.

Take control

Once you are able to calm yourself by taking several of the above mentioned deep and slow paced breaths, the next step is to take control. Stress often brings about a feeling that you have no control of what is going on. This is not true. Take control of whatever is stressing you. Do what you can do. If perhaps it is the workload that is stressing you, take deep breaths and start working.

Eliminate the work that you can eliminate within the time you have. By doing this, you will find that you have more confidence in your ability to complete your task. And even if you do not finish it within the time you had hoped for, you will have reduced it. Half a loaf is better than none. Always keep this in mind and take control of the situation. If perhaps you have been summoned for a questioning by the human resource department and this is the reason for your stress, go to the summoning and plead your case. Avoid feeling helpless. Take full control of your actions and of the situation. You will find a solution.

Get enough sleep

This may also sound cliché but getting enough sleep often reduces high stress levels. When you are well rested, then you are in better control of your mind, which in turn means that you are in better control of your body and your day.

Felling exhausted reduces a person’s work efficiency. It reduces your capability to exercise patience when you meet challenges and therefore it increases stress levels. When you are well rested, you are in a better situation to take control, as mentioned above, when faced with tough situations. It is therefore important to sleep for enough hours in order to work efficiently, and to improve your general well being.

Have a schedule

When it comes to office work and professional relations, having a schedule helps you to put everything into perspective. Break down your work load. Write down scheduled appointments and indicate what you need to do at a specific time and where you need to be at a specific time. This also involves having a schedule of all of your meetings. This helps you be more organized, and in turn, it helps you avoid pilling up work, therefore avoiding stress in general. Break down your work monthly, weekly and even daily.

Get rid of interruptions

These are interruptions such as unscheduled appointments that may be about gossip and nothing more. Phones can also serve as big destructions. Imagine having a big workload with a fast approaching deadline that you are trying to meet, but having to pose every time because of answering your phone calls or because of constant message notifications. This not only destructs you from your work, but it also annoys or irritates you, therefore increasing you office stress levels.

Try to put of your phone during work hours. Also remember that if you have a schedule, then you will probably to finish all of your work in time, and you won’t have to carry your work home in an effort to finish your workload. This will therefore decrease your stress levels as you will be able to get enough sleep.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Life In The Office

It is a well known fact that after school, we are all expected to work. To get jobs. Otherwise, how will we be able to survive? How will we fend for ourselves? How will we provide? We cannot live off of our parents forever. Getting a job is important; not only in monetary terms, but also in helping you grow as a person.

Everyone has a goal in life. Everyone has something that they want to achieve and in most cases, all this begins by getting a job, getting experience, learning and growing as an individual. And this brings us to the reason of our article. We will try and discuss the things that you should and should not do in the office environment in order to keep your job, and to maintain professionalism.

First of all, you should always avoid mixing business with pleasure. This is a common case in many offices. Avoid at all costs having personal relations with your colleagues. Having sexual relations can lead to losing your jobs, both yours and the other person in question.

In cases where by the person in question is your boss, he or she may not fire you, but your credibility and professional standards will drop. Even the rest of your colleagues will start to question your qualifications. And if in case you get a promotion, even if you are deserving of it, some will consider it a favor due to your personal relations with the boss. This will make for awkward relations with them as they will always feel that their being unfairly treated while you are enjoying privileges you do not deserve. This is why setting interpersonal boundaries with your workmates, and maintaining these boundaries is often very important. This also adds to your professional value.

Secondly, be well kempt. This means, that you should always, and at all times, take good care of your appearance. You may wonder what this has to do with relation to your work, but remember that nobody wants to be around an untidy person. However good your work is, your reputation goes down if you go into the office with uncombed hair, wrinkled clothes or even reeking of alcohol. It is simple, take care of yourself. Make sure whatever is going on in your personal life, does not affect your office life.

Being well kempt also involves dressing appropriately. This mostly affects women. But it is not limited to women alone. Even men sometimes dress inappropriately. While it is true that all human beings have the right to dress and express themselves however they choose, remember that freedom comes with responsibility.

There is a right time and place for everything. For example, you cannot wear a bathing suit to a church because of obvious reasons. Similarly, you should not wear sports outfits or provocative clothes at work. Keep in mind that you are in an office, and you are there for work. For professional reasons. Therefore, dress in a professional manner. Give nobody the chance to sight you as mediocre, and therefore be destructed from your work.

A third point to note is to avoid gossip. Now gossip is in most cases the root of all evil in almost all the offices. Speaking ill of others without knowing the facts, can serve for bad relations with those in question. These negative relations can bring you problems with the human resource department. Now no one ever wants to be called in by human resource to be given a warning concerning their behaviors. It is therefore always good to avoid taking part in any gossip at the office.

It is also important to remember not to provide people with a reason to talk about you or to classify in a certain category. This means that you should avoid talking about your personal life at work. Avoid bragging as this will make people hate and avoid being around you as nobody likes to feel downtrodden. Avoid talking about heath issues otherwise people might think you want them to raise funds for you. And at all costs, please avoid borrowing money from your colleagues.

Money lending in offices always leads to bad relations. Unless the person you are lending or borrowing from is a trusted friend, please avoid this. By so doing, you limit the chances of having financial disputes with your borrower or your lender. You also avoid the chances of any of your colleagues gossiping or disrespecting you.

How To Make The Move Easy For Your Business

A lot businesses that have become successful over time started very small. This was in a bid to lower the costs of operation. However, as the business grew so did the clamour for more space. There had to be space to accommodate new hires.

Moving to a new office is very tough and one is bound to encounter a lot of challenges in the build up to the move. How you handle those challenges will determine how the operations will be affected.

This article explores the various ways that you can make the move easy and efficient.

1. Set a budget

Above all it is important that put together a comprehensive budget. Moving takes some time and a significant amount of money in order to be done well. The budgeting process must be very meticulous; avoid all guesswork on this. You should ensure that you look at the equipment that you have and consider what other moving companies charge to move offices. Get quotes from different companies.

If you can’t afford to hire a moving company, you should consider asking your employees for help.

2. Select a suitable location

Location! Location! This is either deal maker or a deal breaker for the business. When you are moving to a location, you have to move to one that old and new clients can get you very easily. If the location is very difficult to get to, you will lose business to your competitor. Sometimes, you might be looking for a cheaper office, but it should be strategically located.

Apart from ease to get to, it is important that you check out the security situation in that area. Pour over the various security reports to get a feel for the security.

3. Consider access to transportation

Ease of access to the office must be consider. The ideal scenario for transportation is such that is it accessible to all from all the four cardinal point. In choosing a place for your office, it is important that you consider the welfare of your employees. Ensure that the place is easy for your employees to get to.

Always consider where they life and how such a move would affect their access. What is the average expected time of arrive for all employees?

4. Consider availability of parking areas

It is important that you consider the availability of parking spots. The building that you choose to move to should have ample parking spaces for employee that have car. Ask the building super whether or not they charge for parking. Are the rates reasonable?

5. The location of other amenities

It is important that you choose a building complex that has amenities. Things like banks, shopping areas, eateries should be on the cards at least for the welfare of the employees. If you intend to work late, food and other things must be easy to get to.

6. Select an office building

Shopping for an office building is an arduous task but it has to be done nonetheless. Always consider the cost component and other things before you make a final decision. In order to get viable options, you should ensure that you use an agent. They should provide you with great options in the area. You should have a walk through and keep an eye out on the face of the building. Will it need some work? Also, keep in mind the budget, while you are checking out the various options. Also consider the security option and the reception area as well. These two factors will go a long way in dazzling your clients.

7. Have a plan on how to utilize the office space

After moving to a new office complex, the next step is set up the office layout. It is important that you examine the space that you are working with to avoid going overboard. In setting up the office layout, you have to plan it with the future in mind; are there additional employees on the cards? What are your expansion plans?

After you have moved to a building it is important that you talk to the building management if you intend to make radical changes that will impact the structure of the building. Things like changes to the paint will impact the overall outlook of the building. Ensure that you get the permission to change the things you need in writing. By doing this, you minimize the chances of getting embroiled in unnecessary conflicts.

How To Spice Up The Home Office With Great Office Furniture And How Keep The Office Lively

Home offices are fast growing in popularity. The idea of working from home ensures that you have the best of both worlds; work and play. An office is not an office without furniture. A lot things go into the selection of furniture.

The quality of furniture that you have in your office is very important. It is vital that you go all out to find office furniture that reflects and exudes quality.

Whether it is for your home office or the other, it important that exercise due consideration of when shopping for office furniture. This article provides the reader with various tips they can use to get most out of the office shopping experience.

The home office

It is important that you consider the room that you would your home office to be in. You have to take in a lot of factors into account. They are as follows:

a) Location- Choose a place with as minimal disturbance. Most people will opt to have their home office next to their bedroom or somewhere else. You should choose somewhere very secluded; a place that is free from distractions.
b) The size of the room- It is important that you choose a room with adequate space. One should freely around in the office and avoid being constrained in order to be more productive.
c) Lighting- Go for a room with as much natural light. You should consult an interior decorator who will help you out in the lighting selection.

• Choose perfect Home Office Furniture:

There are a lot of components that go into the perfect office. These are computers, file cabinets and bookshelf. When shopping for equipment, you should have a specific budget in mind. Underspending is just a bad as overspending.

Secondly, you should have a list of the essential equipment that you need. There is always a temptation to go for things that you won’t need or use. For starters, you need to find a desk and cabinets. Other things you can follow. If you are stuck on where to start, it is vital that you consult an interior decorator. They should provide you with great insight into how you can maximize the space that you have.

• Arrangement is key to getting the most out of your space.

Everything in your office must be conveniently located. The arrangement of the office should be elaborate and planned. Avoid the temptation to clutter your space with technology. However, most people are too connected to their devices and they think they will be inefficient without them. You will be overwhelmed by immense information you have to deal with.

Working from cubicles is claustrophobic for a lot of people and they would prefer working from home. They are more productive in the various open spaces. The design of your office must reflect flexibility; you must have to move around easily.

The office must also reflect convenience. Everything you need must be within reach. A desk with drawers makes it easy to have everything you need conveniently. The file cabinet must be place strategically when you use them, you don’t know

• Emphasize the home being functional

It is important that you decorate the office based on the type of work to be done in it. Above all the furniture selected should be comfortable and very functional. If you are to get the most out of it, then you should avoid fancy things that you won’t use in the long run. Get what you will use and discard the rest no matter how sweet the deal on the furniture really is.

• The desk should be clean

When your desk is clean, it not only frees up your mind to work comfortably, it also ensures that people visiting your office are astounded at how clean your desk is.

• Keep Your Office Quiet & Noise Free

When you have music playing in the background of your office, the distractions you to deal with are minimized immensely. Soft music, especially classical music can drown out the distractions you have to deal with.

• Decorate Your Home Office

Exciting trinkets on your office desk can bring life to the entire office. Think about the pictures you would like to have in the office. Flowers to not only add colour but leave a pleasant odour as well. How you will decorate the house is a reflection of how you would like to work. The possibilities for decorating are virtually endless.