How To Stay Relevant In The Work Place

The employment arena is evolving very fast. This evolution foists a lot of responsibilities on us. One of the key ones that will determine whether or not we leave the work place the same way is skills. New knowledge must be incorporated in the business if you are to stay relevant in the work space. Also the personnel must be imbued with the right skills.

Most companies that engage in downsizing their workforce usually target those that are not as productive and those whose roles have been rendered obsolete. Now, if you are part of this workforce, you have to pull out all the stops to ensure that you remain relevant in the workforce. This article provides you with information on the things you have to do so that you can remain relevant in the work place.

1. Get noticed

Introduce yourself and get known by your colleagues.

2. Play for the team

To some degree, unless you are self-employed, work is team sport and you have to do your best for the team.

3. Get known for skills

When you are the go-to guy when a problem is afoot, the company cannot afford to let you go.

4. Stay positive in your work

There will be times in your work life when you will question everything about it. Negative feelings have a way of creeping up on you when you least expect them. How you handle these feelings is very important because if you handle them the wrong way, they will bog you down and work will suffer. Try your best to keep positive in your work.

5. Have a life outside work

Most people tend to throw themselves at their work at the expense of relationships with their families. That is why it is important that you cultivate a life outside work. Take some time off to be with your family and rejuvenate. Too much work has a tendency of sapping you of energy and eventually, the quality of work that you put out suffers a lot.

6. Dedicate your life to learning

As was highlighted earlier, knowledge is changing very fast and in business, it is important that you adapt or die. That is why you should seek new knowledge that is out there. This knowledge will offer you an advantage over your compatriots and make you a very indispensable part of your business.

7. Pay attention to the decisions that you make

Let logic and objectivity guide your decisions. Most people at the office tend to just make decisions without thinking through the consequences. If you want to be relevant to your workplace, it is important that you pay close attention to the decisions you have to make. Think through the ramifications for your choices and how they will affect the business overall. When you step back and evaluate your decisions, you will be able to avoid making mistakes as opposed to making spur of the moment decisions.

8. Own up to your mistakes

A lot of people are allergic to responsibility. When mistakes happen, it is very difficult for them to own up. Eventually, the chickens come home to roost and they are found out. If you want to remain relevant at your workplace, you must realize that the buck stops with you. If you made a decision that cost the company money, then you should own up to it no matter what the consequences may be. It is a sign of maturity and will garner you respect among your colleagues.

9. Don’t be afraid to do more than is required of you

Most people at the workplace limit themselves to doing the work in their job description and nothing more. Do the opposite. Always seek to do more for your business. When you do more, you not only get noticed, but you also get confident and expand your repertoire. This will great capital for when your boss is supposed to write a recommendation for you.

10. Network

It is important that when you are in your work place, you cultivate relationships with professionals not only in your field of expertise, but also other people as well. Take advantage of the various options that are out there to network like the professional networking sites like LinkedIn to cultivate new networks. You never know when you will need to call upon them for help. During cocktails or any business related events, don’t forget to carry your business cards.

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