Managing Stress Levels While You Are In The Office

Stress. This can be described as high levels of pressure and of frustrations which are brought about by too much thought. Stress as we know it, is the leading cause of many of the lifestyle diseases that are affecting people in this day and age.

In relation to office work, stress can be in terms of unexpected changes, either getting demoted or transferred. Large workloads, dispute with colleges, or tension brought about by deadlines and performance assessments. Auditing also brings about a lot of stress in the working environment. Therefore, how do we deal with this stress while we are at work? This article will try to describe various methods that you can use when trying to reduce or to contain high stress levels while in the office.

Take deep breaths

This may sound cliché, but taking deep breaths often has a calming effect to a stressed person. If you find that you feel stressed while in the office, go outside or lock yourself in your space and take several slow paced deep breaths. As you repeatedly do this, you will find that some of the tension you were feeling is slowly calming down and you are in better control of your body and your thoughts.

Take control

Once you are able to calm yourself by taking several of the above mentioned deep and slow paced breaths, the next step is to take control. Stress often brings about a feeling that you have no control of what is going on. This is not true. Take control of whatever is stressing you. Do what you can do. If perhaps it is the workload that is stressing you, take deep breaths and start working.

Eliminate the work that you can eliminate within the time you have. By doing this, you will find that you have more confidence in your ability to complete your task. And even if you do not finish it within the time you had hoped for, you will have reduced it. Half a loaf is better than none. Always keep this in mind and take control of the situation. If perhaps you have been summoned for a questioning by the human resource department and this is the reason for your stress, go to the summoning and plead your case. Avoid feeling helpless. Take full control of your actions and of the situation. You will find a solution.

Get enough sleep

This may also sound cliché but getting enough sleep often reduces high stress levels. When you are well rested, then you are in better control of your mind, which in turn means that you are in better control of your body and your day.

Felling exhausted reduces a person’s work efficiency. It reduces your capability to exercise patience when you meet challenges and therefore it increases stress levels. When you are well rested, you are in a better situation to take control, as mentioned above, when faced with tough situations. It is therefore important to sleep for enough hours in order to work efficiently, and to improve your general well being.

Have a schedule

When it comes to office work and professional relations, having a schedule helps you to put everything into perspective. Break down your work load. Write down scheduled appointments and indicate what you need to do at a specific time and where you need to be at a specific time. This also involves having a schedule of all of your meetings. This helps you be more organized, and in turn, it helps you avoid pilling up work, therefore avoiding stress in general. Break down your work monthly, weekly and even daily.

Get rid of interruptions

These are interruptions such as unscheduled appointments that may be about gossip and nothing more. Phones can also serve as big destructions. Imagine having a big workload with a fast approaching deadline that you are trying to meet, but having to pose every time because of answering your phone calls or because of constant message notifications. This not only destructs you from your work, but it also annoys or irritates you, therefore increasing you office stress levels.

Try to put of your phone during work hours. Also remember that if you have a schedule, then you will probably to finish all of your work in time, and you won’t have to carry your work home in an effort to finish your workload. This will therefore decrease your stress levels as you will be able to get enough sleep.

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