The Dos And Don’ts Of Life In The Office

It is a well known fact that after school, we are all expected to work. To get jobs. Otherwise, how will we be able to survive? How will we fend for ourselves? How will we provide? We cannot live off of our parents forever. Getting a job is important; not only in monetary terms, but also in helping you grow as a person.

Everyone has a goal in life. Everyone has something that they want to achieve and in most cases, all this begins by getting a job, getting experience, learning and growing as an individual. And this brings us to the reason of our article. We will try and discuss the things that you should and should not do in the office environment in order to keep your job, and to maintain professionalism.

First of all, you should always avoid mixing business with pleasure. This is a common case in many offices. Avoid at all costs having personal relations with your colleagues. Having sexual relations can lead to losing your jobs, both yours and the other person in question.

In cases where by the person in question is your boss, he or she may not fire you, but your credibility and professional standards will drop. Even the rest of your colleagues will start to question your qualifications. And if in case you get a promotion, even if you are deserving of it, some will consider it a favor due to your personal relations with the boss. This will make for awkward relations with them as they will always feel that their being unfairly treated while you are enjoying privileges you do not deserve. This is why setting interpersonal boundaries with your workmates, and maintaining these boundaries is often very important. This also adds to your professional value.

Secondly, be well kempt. This means, that you should always, and at all times, take good care of your appearance. You may wonder what this has to do with relation to your work, but remember that nobody wants to be around an untidy person. However good your work is, your reputation goes down if you go into the office with uncombed hair, wrinkled clothes or even reeking of alcohol. It is simple, take care of yourself. Make sure whatever is going on in your personal life, does not affect your office life.

Being well kempt also involves dressing appropriately. This mostly affects women. But it is not limited to women alone. Even men sometimes dress inappropriately. While it is true that all human beings have the right to dress and express themselves however they choose, remember that freedom comes with responsibility.

There is a right time and place for everything. For example, you cannot wear a bathing suit to a church because of obvious reasons. Similarly, you should not wear sports outfits or provocative clothes at work. Keep in mind that you are in an office, and you are there for work. For professional reasons. Therefore, dress in a professional manner. Give nobody the chance to sight you as mediocre, and therefore be destructed from your work.

A third point to note is to avoid gossip. Now gossip is in most cases the root of all evil in almost all the offices. Speaking ill of others without knowing the facts, can serve for bad relations with those in question. These negative relations can bring you problems with the human resource department. Now no one ever wants to be called in by human resource to be given a warning concerning their behaviors. It is therefore always good to avoid taking part in any gossip at the office.

It is also important to remember not to provide people with a reason to talk about you or to classify in a certain category. This means that you should avoid talking about your personal life at work. Avoid bragging as this will make people hate and avoid being around you as nobody likes to feel downtrodden. Avoid talking about heath issues otherwise people might think you want them to raise funds for you. And at all costs, please avoid borrowing money from your colleagues.

Money lending in offices always leads to bad relations. Unless the person you are lending or borrowing from is a trusted friend, please avoid this. By so doing, you limit the chances of having financial disputes with your borrower or your lender. You also avoid the chances of any of your colleagues gossiping or disrespecting you.

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