Pitfalls To Avoid When Marketing Professional Services

One essential skill that all business owners must possess is ability to sell. Marketing is important because it geared toward creating awareness about a product and prompting people to buy that product. Like all other things in business, finding the right mix to ensure the effectiveness of marketing is very hard. However, pushing through the pain is worth in the end when your bottom line is reached and there is money in your bank.

People in the professional service arena are required to stick to adhere to certain unwritten rules when it comes to putting the word out there. However, for one reason or another, they end breaking these unwritten rules and pay the price for it. This article highlights these unwritten rules that professional services are likely to break and how to recover when they are eventually broken.

1. Self-centeredness

Most pitches on websites of professional services that fail at marketing are self-centred. They focus mostly on the company itself and as opposed to the customer. This is wrong. When writing copy for the website, it should be written with the prospect in mind.

More often than not people looking for professional services are looking for services that will fill a need for them. As a professional service drafting copy for the website, it is incumbent on you to find out what they need and then give it to them. The wording and the language of the copy in the website must reflect this and ensure that anyone looking at the copy will know from the onset that the company is there to look after them and their interests.

2. Wordiness

Studies have shown that people are spend approximately 20 seconds viewing a web page. What does this mean for professional service firm that is out to market themselves?

It basically means that you must have all the relevant information and enticing marketing lingo in summary form to sustain interest. When you are dealing with marketing for a website, less is more.

3. Jargon

When you have a professional service using jargon in their bio, then there is a problem. It points to a kind of hubris and arrogance that tends to alienate the people looking at the webpage.

Keep it simple when you are writing a statement to market yourself or your business. It allows your customers to connect to you to you in a deeper and personal level.

4. Staleness

Most site admins of professional services websites rest easy when the site is up and running. They won’t update the content there. People who have seen the site before will go back hoping to see something different. If they don’t disillusionment kicks in and they won’t come back.

If you want to keep business going on the site, it is important that you keep things fresh and hip. Get new content that will create interest in your product or business.

Also, you should seek to keep up with the new technology in the market. In this vastly expand and ever changing technology sphere, you must adapt or risk being obsolete.

5. Cliche images

If your logo is predictable, then you are just another company in a long list of companies out there providing professional services.

If you are succeed in marketing yourself, always ensure that you review the images that your site has and ensure that they are in vogue. It is important that you do your research and find the memes of the time and turn them your advantage.

6. No images

Human beings are visual creature we respond to what we see. When people log in into a website, they will respond to images. However, if you don’t have images on your site, you are likely to lose the audience there.

While there some professional services that are by nature not as visual as you would expect, it is important to push the envelope a bit. You have to look at images related to your profession so that you can use them to represent your service.

7. Rigidity

Most professional services are rigid in the sense that they don’t want to change the way they present their information. Trends change and people want to see something new at least once in a while just to satiate their curiosity. Therefore, it is crucial that when you are looking to market yourself through a website, you consider shifting once in a while at least to keep people interested in what you have.

These seven pitfalls should be avoided if you are to be successful in your professional service business.

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