How To Make The Move Easy For Your Business

A lot businesses that have become successful over time started very small. This was in a bid to lower the costs of operation. However, as the business grew so did the clamour for more space. There had to be space to accommodate new hires.

Moving to a new office is very tough and one is bound to encounter a lot of challenges in the build up to the move. How you handle those challenges will determine how the operations will be affected.

This article explores the various ways that you can make the move easy and efficient.

1. Set a budget

Above all it is important that put together a comprehensive budget. Moving takes some time and a significant amount of money in order to be done well. The budgeting process must be very meticulous; avoid all guesswork on this. You should ensure that you look at the equipment that you have and consider what other moving companies charge to move offices. Get quotes from different companies.

If you can’t afford to hire a moving company, you should consider asking your employees for help.

2. Select a suitable location

Location! Location! This is either deal maker or a deal breaker for the business. When you are moving to a location, you have to move to one that old and new clients can get you very easily. If the location is very difficult to get to, you will lose business to your competitor. Sometimes, you might be looking for a cheaper office, but it should be strategically located.

Apart from ease to get to, it is important that you check out the security situation in that area. Pour over the various security reports to get a feel for the security.

3. Consider access to transportation

Ease of access to the office must be consider. The ideal scenario for transportation is such that is it accessible to all from all the four cardinal point. In choosing a place for your office, it is important that you consider the welfare of your employees. Ensure that the place is easy for your employees to get to.

Always consider where they life and how such a move would affect their access. What is the average expected time of arrive for all employees?

4. Consider availability of parking areas

It is important that you consider the availability of parking spots. The building that you choose to move to should have ample parking spaces for employee that have car. Ask the building super whether or not they charge for parking. Are the rates reasonable?

5. The location of other amenities

It is important that you choose a building complex that has amenities. Things like banks, shopping areas, eateries should be on the cards at least for the welfare of the employees. If you intend to work late, food and other things must be easy to get to.

6. Select an office building

Shopping for an office building is an arduous task but it has to be done nonetheless. Always consider the cost component and other things before you make a final decision. In order to get viable options, you should ensure that you use an agent. They should provide you with great options in the area. You should have a walk through and keep an eye out on the face of the building. Will it need some work? Also, keep in mind the budget, while you are checking out the various options. Also consider the security option and the reception area as well. These two factors will go a long way in dazzling your clients.

7. Have a plan on how to utilize the office space

After moving to a new office complex, the next step is set up the office layout. It is important that you examine the space that you are working with to avoid going overboard. In setting up the office layout, you have to plan it with the future in mind; are there additional employees on the cards? What are your expansion plans?

After you have moved to a building it is important that you talk to the building management if you intend to make radical changes that will impact the structure of the building. Things like changes to the paint will impact the overall outlook of the building. Ensure that you get the permission to change the things you need in writing. By doing this, you minimize the chances of getting embroiled in unnecessary conflicts.